The following recommendations come from people across the world; some of whom I have interacted with on a daily basis and others that I have never met, but have simply seen my work.

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Tim C., Personal Training Client

“Training with Robbie has introduced me to tons of new exercises and his workouts have kept pushing me to improve. The sessions are very positive and he’s got a great way of keeping things fun even though I’m sweating buckets. Also, Robbie coming to my gym is a huge time saver!”


Julia E., Personal Training Client

“Robbie has really exceeded my expectations. He’s knowledgeable and professional. I love that he tailors every workout to meet my individual needs. He’s supportive, yet challenges me. Best of all, he’s AWESOME! He makes working out with him fun. I’d recommend him to anyone!”


Dorte K., Boot Camp Client

“I have trained with Robbie in a group setting at a small gym with little equipment in the building I work at. A few of us used our lunch hour on a weekly basis to exercise with Robbie. He made the workouts fun and enjoyable, brought in great music as well as some of his equipment. The circuit he put together for us worked well and incorporated cardio as well as strength exercises for the whole body. I truly enjoyed how he re-introduced me to the skipping robe, a childhood favourite. I had forgotten how much fun it was and have now gone ahead and purchased my own. Now I am looking forward to every session with Robbie.”


Julie H., Personal Training Client

“What I appreciate most about Robbie is that he manages to walk the delicate balance of pushing me without being so aggressive and demanding that I lose momentum and give up. His positive attitude and deep knowledge of both fitness and nutrition make him one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. I sincerely look forward to every workout with Robbie because they are fun and diverse. I cannot wait to crush my wellness goals with Robbie in 2015!”


Shannon W., Personal Training Client

“I’ve trained with Robbie for over four years now and consider our sessions a critical part of my overall health and fitness plan. Robbie has equipped me with the essential tools for a balanced health plan including a well-rounded strength and conditioning program and nutritional guidance. His stewardship has supported high ranking fitness testing results and has also put me in a position to enjoy a healthy pregnancy! Continuing to train with Robbie through pregnancy has me feeling just as strong, healthy and confident as I did previously. Pregnancy has also made me appreciate the core/abdominal strength he has helped me develop over the years as I’m finding even the advanced level of recommended abdominal exercises for pregnancy to be easy going!”


Kristen R., Personal Training Client

“Robbie makes the workouts really fun and pushes me way more than what I would do on my own. He’s professional, motivating, and customizes the workouts to suit my needs ”


Seven, Physical Education Teacher, Nanyang High School

“Robbie is a very patient teacher. The students liked him.”


Stephanie Talbot, Owner, Circle of Life Nutrition

“As a new business owner, I was having trouble changing the format of my logo over to something usable for printing. Robbie was eager to help and not only did a fabulous job, but he had it finished for me the same day! He definitely knows what he’s doing and I would recommend him to anybody needing help in this area of work.”


Michael Ford, Owner, Detail Communications

“Robbie has worked on contract with Detail for the last 2 months. Robbie was hired to assist with a variety of marketing and communications projects including business development. Within weeks of starting with the company, it was clear that his skills surpassed our expectations. I would recommend Robbie for any number of Marketing and Communication roles. Robbie is a strategic thinker and a dedicated team player.”


Hiroko Shinozaki, Volunteer & Curler, Marpole Curling Club

“As the manager of the Marpole Curling Club, Robbie introduced new ideas and implemented many improvements. He was professional, reliable, dedicated and demonstrated strong leadership and interpersonal skills. He was friendly and courteous to members and welcomed all guests with a big smile. It was a pleasure to work with Robbie and he would be a valuable asset for any company or organization.”


Ryan Eason, Board Member, Marpole Curling Club

“Robbie is driven, committed and passionate about his work. He is a strong and professional communicator who is a catalyst for positive change. As the General Manager for the Marpole Curling Club, Robbie successfully designed and executed the rebrand of our club and initiated the development of our club’s strategic planning process.”

Brad Lowe, Vice President, Marpole Curling Club

“Robbie is clearly a professional communicator. His capability in design, social media, web and digital outreach improved the scope of our club communications. Robbie is great to work with and committed to getting things done.”


Melinda Michalak, Club Manager, Marpole Curling Club

“I would just like to thank Robbie for all of his amazing help and knowledge that he has provided during this transition. I appreciate his professionalism and hard work, and his offer of continued support until needed goes beyond the call of duty. He truly is outstanding.”


Sue, New Curler, Marpole Curling Club

“I just took a lesson with Robbie Gallaugher (Sept 12th) and was very pleased. I started curling last year and Robbie quickly picked up on what I needed help with technically. He made it easy to understand and really helped me in the short time we had together. He also showed me some drills I could do to work on the tips he gave me.

Robbie also explained the events coming up, showed me the website on his computer and told me about the Open House which I will be attending. Robbie is going to be a great asset to the Marpole Curling Club!”


Cary Blackburn, CEO, Hurricane Web Design

“I’ve had the privilege of having Curl BC as a client of ours since 2004. For the majority of those years, Robbie has been my main point of contact. He’s always been very professional, easy to work with and very detailed. Robbie is a very good communicator which makes working with him on projects for Curl BC very easy.”


Arlene, Curl BC Newsletter Subscriber

“Fabulous graphics! Thanks for the beautiful newsletter; one of the best I’ve received from various organizations in a long time.”


Jessica Doherty, Communications Manager, Sport BC

“I have known Robbie for three years in his role with Curl BC. As a sport communications professional, Robbie participated in our Provincial Sport Organization Communicators Group and was always willing to share his ideas and experiences in order to help others in our field. His positive attitude and collaborative nature make him a valuable member of any team!”


Scott Braley, Executive Director & CEO, Curl BC

“Robbie has done an exceptional job of managing Curl BC’s communications system including the development and implementation of a dynamic web site and various social media options. More importantly, Robbie has exceptional people skills that make him an excellent team player and a great ambassador for the sport.”


Elaine Dagg-Jackson, National Coach, Canadian Curling Association

“Robbie is a bright and energetic professional who makes a huge contribution to projects. He has clearly demonstrated his commitment to excellence in the many projects we have worked together on.”


Trisha Gagnon, Senior Manager, Business Development, Canadian Direct Insurance

“I have had the pleasure of working with Robbie over the past few years as part of a multi-year sponsorship with Curl BC. Robbie is a great person and truly a pleasure to work with. His attention to detail and customer service always go above and beyond.”


Lynne Jambor, Participation Manager, Curl BC

“Robbie is detailed oriented, intelligent, generous in time and effort, very conscientious, and curious with the goal of doing an excellent job at the forefront. He has (at least) two excellent characteristics for success; genuine integrity and a wonderful sense of perspective enhanced by that great sense of humour!”


James Kang, Director, Gravity Computers Inc.

“Robbie is easy to work with, thoughtful and understanding. Robbie’s requests are clear and made our work easy to accomplish in a timely manner.”


Mike, Curl BC Newsletter Subscriber from Quebec

“BC has the best newletter of all the associations; you should be proud.”

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